Materials for online teachers

Teach English to teens onlineIf you teach English to teens online, you’ll need materials that are designed for use with video conferencing software.  Our PowerPoint lessons are the perfect solution.

  • Professional, quality lessons on PowerPoint slides: simply share the screen and teach.
  • No extra materials necessary: everything is contained within each PowerPoint presentation.
  • No planning necessary: step-by-step lesson slides for easy teaching.

How it works »

  1. Become a member here.  Then gain instant access to over 300 PowerPoint lessons for students of all levels.
  2. Connect with your students online using video conferencing software (see our recommendations below).  The majority offer a screen share feature.  Open up your PowerPoint lesson and click to share your screen screen with your students.  They will see everything that you see.
  3. Teach!


Suggested video conferencing software »

There are many options out there – here are three that we use that have the screen share feature:

1. Skype

Free to install and use (although there is a paid version for extra features).  The free version only allows one-to-one connectivity, so it is good for lessons with single students.  Available for all platforms.

» Go to the Skype website

2. Zoom

Also offers free and paid versions.  The free version allows for multiple users so you can hold group lessons.  Available for all platforms.

» Go to the Zoom website

3. WizIQ

This is a paid version, with plans starting at US$300 per year.  There are extra features on offer and it doesn’t require you to download any software as it runs in your browser.

» Go to the WizIQ website


Our Materials in detail »

PowerPoint textbook slides »

All members can download our PowerPoint textbook slides for use online.  These slides are organized by level and theme and focus on task-based activities containing speaking, reading and writing exercises as well as vocabulary and grammar sections.

Below are screen shots of one unit (Pre-Intermediate, Unit 2, Lesson 1A).  Click to download the full unit for free: American English version | British English version.

PowerPoint lesson slides

Each levels’ slide file is set up as follows:

  • Units: each unit is theme-based and contains 4 lessons.
  • Lessons: each lesson is based around a theme and can be taught over 1 to 2 classes, depending on the length of your class time.  Each lesson contains a number of slides.
  • Slides: each slide is indicated by a number (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.).  Each slide focuses on a particular task (such as a reading, speaking or writing task) as well as vocabulary and grammar sections.  The last slide of each lesson contains homework tasks.


Slide lessons setup

In the example above you can see that each unit is made up of 4 lessons and each lesson is made up of slides.