Supplementary Materials at a glance »

Premium members can download, print and give to students as handouts our PDF supplementary materials.  The supplementary materials are designed to enhance the lesson materials (either the PDF or PowerPoint textbooks)  and can be used to practice specific points of the lesson.


Below are screen shots of some of our supplementary materials.  Click here to download them for free.

Supplement samples


Each lesson comes with supplementary materials and includes instructions on where they can be used within lesson.

The supplementary materials contain the following types of handouts:

  • exercises
  • reading comprehension questions
  • reading extracts and tasks
  • gap fill exercises
  • matching exercises
  • activities
  • board games
  • cards
  • charts and graphs
  • puzzles
  • crosswords
  • surveys
  • posters
  • writing tasks
  • discussion tasks
  • maps
  • cloze gap pairwork activities
  • and more …