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About ESL TeenStuff

About ESL TeenStuff

We are a team of English language teachers, ESL course designers and materials developers.  We create courses and materials for teachers of English as a second language to tennagers.


We know teaching teens is a challenge, and just as difficult is getting good, quality materials to use in your lessons ... and finding them quickly!


Our aim, therefore, is to provide great ESL materials, specially made for teaching English to teenagers, which are quick and easy to find and print.


ESL TeenStuff has a growing library of lessons and supplementary materials for teachers to download, print or display on classroom projectors. We will keep adding to this range as well as offering different materials.   We’d also like to help out in other areas, too - sharing teaching tips, hints and advice and making this site a useful place for you to visit time and time again.


We already have quite a lot of these sections atTeenStuff - games,  activities, teaching tips, etc., and we are working on adding more!




Who are our Members?

Members of ESL TeenStuff can access our printable lesson textbooks and PowerPoint slideshow for the low cost of US$34 per year.  Our supplementary materials are just an extra US$15.  If you compare this to the cost of buying textbooks and supplmentary resoucre books in shops or online, you’ll agree that it is an incredibly good deal.


The majority of our members are ESL teachers, many teaching abroad but quite a lot teaching in their home countries. We also cater for members who are not ESL teachers, such as junior and senior high school teachers and home teachers.


Becoming a member is easy - just click on the “Register” link at the top of the page to join.

Tony Winn

English teacher, ESL TeenStuff co-owner

My experience as a professional language educator is both broad and expert. I have worked as an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) tutor at a leading UK university, a business English trainer in a range of contexts, an exam (Cambridge ESOL, Trinity College London GESE and IELTS) and a younger learner teacher for many years. I also have extensive experience as an academic manager, teacher educator and curriculum and materials designer.


I have an exceptionally informed view of second language learning and teaching and have helped many hundreds of students and fellow educators from a wide range of contexts to achieve success through the construction and delivery of courses based on their needs, wants and necessities. I completed a research-oriented MA in TESOL with Lancaster University in 2014 and am currently formulating a proposal for doctoral research in second language pedagogy.


In recent years, I have worked as an educational consultant, designed a large range of lesson materials for online use with professional adults and for teachers on study abroad courses working with learners under the age of 18.


Co-creating ESL TeenStuff is proving to be as exciting as it is fascinating, and I look forward to collaborating with, and supporting, our members in their quest to consistently produce high-quality learning experiences for their students.

Jeremy Cowling

English teacher, ESL TeenStuff co-owner

I have worked as an English teacher for over 20 years in Japan, Australia and Portugal.  I hold a TEFLA certificate and a Masters in TESOL.  I have taught in a wide range of teaching situations at language schools, universities and companies and have also taken on the roles of teacher trainer, materials and curriculum designer, examiner and business English teacher.  I have had serveral academic journal articles published and have presented at TESOL conferences.


I have extensive experience in teaching young learners and teens and have helped many hunderds of students prepare for examinations.  Part of this experience has lead to my involvement in creating and developing our sister site for teaching young learners, ESL KidStuff (esl kidstuff.com), which I am still invloved with today.


ESL TeenStuff will hopefully be an indespensible resource for ESL teachers of teens and I am dedicated in ensuring that we provide high-quality materials for our members.