8 new lessons – Elementary Unit 8

8 new lessons added to ESL TeenStuff – Elementary Unit 8

We have added 8 new lessons to the Elementary level and includes PDF textbooks, PowerPoint slides and PDF supplementary materials.

Unit 8: Drop me a lineUnit 8: Drop me a line

Level: Elementary (A1 – A2)


  • Lesson 1A: Ways to communicate
    Topic: Different methods of communication
  • Lesson 1B: Secret codes
    Topic: Writing messages and interpreting signs
    Supplements: Where might you see these signs?
  • Lesson 2A: Tech talk
    Topic: Technology and phone apps
  • Lesson 2B: Future times
    Topic: Electronic devices, making future predictions
    Supplements: Missing information reading text
  • Lesson 3A: I’ll meet you later
    Topic: School timetables, plans for a school trip
  • Lesson 3B: Any plans?
    Topic: Plans in your social life
    Supplements: Mixed-up report
  • Lesson 4A: Phone calls
    Topic: Using phones and other communication devices
    Supplements: Using the phone
  • Lesson 4B: I dropped my phone!
    Topic: Tips for looking after your phone, your ideal phone


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