8 new lessons – Advanced Unit 6

8 new lessons added to ESL TeenStuff – Advanced Unit 6

We have added 8 new lessons to the Advanced Level and includes PDF textbooks, PowerPoint slides and PDF supplementary materials.

Unit 5: Food for thoughtUnit 6: Let me entertain you!

Level: Advanced (C1 – C2)


  • Lesson 1A: The highest tier
    Topic: Celebrities and personal qualities
    Supplements: The Teflon Don – reading jigsaw
  • Lesson 1B: Highly entertaining
    Topic: Entertainment and famous entertainers
  • Lesson 2A: Bollywood and beyond
    Topic: Forms of entertainment, Bollywood movies
    Supplements: Entertainment topic discussion
  • Lesson 2B: Just for kicks
    Topic: Learning and personal achievement
  • Lesson 3A: Comic value
    Topic: Comedy, jokes and amusing stories
  • Lesson 3B: It’s the way you tell ‘em
    Topic: Humor in different cultures
    Supplements: Robin Williams – character actor
  • Lesson 4A: Musical notes
    Topic: Musical instruments and musical genres
    Supplements: Musical instruments matchup
  • Lesson 4B: Counterpoint
    Topic: Dance and its connection to music and culture


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