8 new lessons – Advanced Unit 3

8 new lessons added to ESL TeenStuff – Advanced Unit 3

We have added 8 new lessons to the Advanced Level and includes PDF textbooks, PowerPoint slides and PDF supplementary materials.

Unit 3: Join the clubUnit 3: Join the club

Level: Advanced (C1 – C2)


  • Lesson 1A: A form of recreation
    Topic: Recreational activities
  • Lesson 1B: Data mining
    Topic: Researching free-time activities
    Supplements: Free time pie chart
  • Lesson 2A: A sporting chance
    Topic: Sporting activities
    Supplements: Tennis star
  • Lesson 2B: A little encouragement
    Topic: Benefits and problems associated with sports
  • Lesson 3A: The magic circle
    Topic: Magic and learning new skills
    Supplements: The Magic Circle poster
  • Lesson 3B: The collectors
    Topic: Collecting things and obsessions
  • Lesson 4A: A skilled performance
    Topic: Skills and talents
    Supplements: Our natural talents
  • Lesson 4B: Recreation cultures
    Topic: Clubs, societies and memberships


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