8 new lessons – Advanced Unit 1

8 new lessons added to ESL TeenStuff – Advanced Unit 1

We have added 8 new lessons to the Advanced Level and includes PDF textbooks, PowerPoint slides and PDF supplementary materials.

Unit 1: Off to a good startUnit 1: Off to a good start

Level: Advanced (C1 – C2)


  • Lesson 1A: Real character
    Topic: Introductions, personal and academic future plans
    Supplements: My personal statement
  • Lesson 1B: Personal statements
    Topic: Writing a personal statement, personal characteristics
  • Lesson 2A: Rules and rights
    Topic: Rules, regulations and codes of conduct
    Supplements: Rule signs
  • Lesson 2B: Crime, criminality and the law
    Topic: Crime, the law and legal systems
  • Lesson 3A: Describing selves
    Topic: Debating issues, expressing your own beliefs
  • Lesson 3B: Taking positions
    Topic: Taking a stance on an issue, expressing opinions
    Supplements: Email stand-off
  • Lesson 4A: Setting the tone
    Topic: Understanding ‘integrity’, infringements of rules
  • Lesson 4B: Style and genre
    Topic: Style and register in reading texts
    Supplements: Online job ads


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