4 new lessons – Pre-Intermediate Unit 7

4 new lessons added to ESL TeenStuff – Pre-Intermediate Unit 7

We have added 4 new lessons to the Pre-Intermediate Level and includes PDF textbooks, PowerPoint slides and PDF supplementary materials.

Unit 7: Let's go shoppingUnit 7: Let’s go shopping

Level: Pre-Intermediate (A2 – B1)


  • Lesson 7A: Shop till you drop
    Topic: Shopping and planning a shopping trip
    Supplements: Browse or buy? Pre-reading
  • Lesson 7B: Retail spaces
    Topic: Describing places where you buy things
    Supplement: Among the aisles – Reading task
  • Lesson 7C: Inside a department store
    Topic: Shopping experiences and designing a store
    Supplements: An email to a classmate
  • Lesson 7D: The right price
    Topic: Money, buying and selling things
    Supplements: Online auction


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