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We are teachers like you, so we know you need good quality materials that are quick to find and easy to print.

We offer theme-based lessons in a textbook format that you can download, print and distribute in your classes.

  • Lesson Units

    Printable Lesson Units

    Theme-based PDF lesson textbooks divided into levels.
    Simply select your level and theme and print!

  • Power Point Slides

    PowerPoint Slides

    All lessons also available as PowerPoint slides.
    Use a projector or PC in class.

  • Multi-Skills


    All lessons include sections to practice speaking, reading, grammar and writing skills.

Beginner (A0-A1)
Students can use very basic English, understand everyday vocab, introduce themselves and ask ask rudimentary questions.
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Elementary (A1-A2)
Students can talk on a limited range of topics, hold basic conversational exchanges, understand everyday vocab, ask basic, well formed questions.
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Pre-intermediate (A2-B1)
Students can produce connect text and converse on familair topics, undertsand key meanings in spoken and written text, understand and use frequently used vocabulary.
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Intermediate (B1-B2)
Students can speak and write effectively on familar topics, describe own experiences in detail, interact spontaneously familiar topics and accomplish complex real world tasks.
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Upper-intermediate (B2-C1)
Students can speak and write in some detail on a broad range of topics, understand implicit meaning in text, accurately outline and argue viewpoints and accomplish complex real world tasks.
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Advanced (C1-C2)
Accurately summarise and reconstruct arguments, understand and respond to ideas expressed by others, express their own ideas on complex ideas and accomplish demanding and prolonged real world tasks.
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Are your materials in American English or British English?
Both. All of our materials come in separate versions for American English teachers and British English teachers.

Do you have to use both the PDF textbooks and PowerPoint slides together?
No.  You can use either the PDF textbook materials or PowerPoint slides independently.  Both can be used as stand alone materials.  You can also use them side-by-side, with the teacher showing the PowerPoint slides and students following with their texts.

Is much planning necessary when using your materials?
Not at all.  The materials have been developed to ensure that minimal planning is required.  We recommend that you have a good read through before class, and that is all that is necessary.

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18 Oct, 2022
More Beginner (A0 – A1) lessons added!
A new unit with 8 new lessons added - Unit 9.


24 May, 2021
More Advanced (C1 – C2) lessons added!
A new unit with 8 new lessons added - Unit 8.


23 May, 2021
More Upper Intermediate (B2 – C1) lessons added!
A new unit with 8 new lessons added - Unit 8.

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